Get Involved

Glad to see you here! Working with the OpenSpending community is the place for enthusiastic doers, citizens and budget nerds from across the world. We care deeply about welcoming everyone regardless of skills and will do what we can to help you getting started!

Connecting with the Community

We have mailing lists, an irc channel and regular online community meetings. You’re welcome to join!

Specific Areas

Development and Coding

Help build and run the OpenSpending platform.
Find out more »

Website and News

Help run this blog and website: write up stories about money and finances and track coverage of public finances in the news.
Find out more » or Jump straight into the Web and News Trello board.

Data and Data Wrangling

Prepare and load data into OpenSpending or help others do so!
Find out more » or jump straight into the datasets-to-work-on tracker!

Good Tasks to Get Started With

Below you will find a small sample of tasks you can work on.

Map cities on OpenSpending

Help us map cities already on OpenSpending by adding the information here.


Help more people use OpenSpending by translating our content. Do you have the language skills, we would be thrilled to hav your help on translations of the OpenSpending tool over at Trasifex or of the OpenSpending guide.

Help us add fresh data

Can you help us upload data? We are constantly looking to tale on more budget and spending data. Have a look to see if you can clean and upload one of the datasets we’re currently hoping to add to OpenSpending.

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