• The OpenSpending project is community-owned and community-run. Both individuals and organizations (both non-profits and for-profits) may participate.
  • The project steering group has overall responsibility for the project. This includes engaging with community members and communicating decisions.
  • The Open Knowledge Foundation is the project’s legal and institutional home. The Foundation has no direct control over or special role in managing the project. The project is, however, accountable to the Foundation regarding conformance with OKF project guidelines and principles of openness.

Steering Group

There is a project steering group which oversees the project and represents its major stakeholders. This group takes responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the project, setting project policies, and carrying out any relevant legal actions.

The steering group’s specific responsibilities include:

  • Finances: overseeing and managing (where relevant) any project finances and resources.
  • Branding. Overseeing Twitter account, website, etc.
  • Recognition of satellite sites as part of the OpenSpending community and use of the OpenSpending name.
  • Partnerships and collaborations with other communities and projects.
  • Setting policy for data licensing and other matters, as necessary.
  • Advocacy guidelines, as appropriate.
  • Legal matters: for example, removal of datasets

See the members of the OpenSpending Steering Group.

Find the living minutes for the OpenSpending Steering Group.

Appointment of the Steering Group

Anyone who has contributed to the OpenSpending project (whether in code, data, or content) may put themselves forward for membership in the steering group. The existing steering group members will consider the application and decide whether or not to accept. In the future, once the concept of OpenSpending membership is better established, this decision may be made by a vote among OpenSpending members.

Membership in the steering group is for a term of two years. Multiple consecutive terms are permitted. If members resign during their two-year term, nominations for a replacement will be solicited from the community.

Advisory Board

The advisory board exists to advise the project, providing expertise and reflecting insights and issues from the broader community around finance data.

“Official Committers” (Technical Team)

The “official committers” oversee technical work on the project, including all code contributions. They are responsible for maintaining the [source code] and the technical infrastructure, including site hosting.

Data Team

The data team oversees the contribution and management of data. This includes assisting community members in contributing data, deciding on whether to accept new data formats, managing legal and privacy issues, promoting data quality, and holding discussions on spending standards.

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